Danny McCaslin is a graduate student in counseling at Capella University. He plans to get his PhD in either Clinical or Experimental Psychology. Danny’s interests include cognition, categorization, pseudoscience, and belief, but not necessarily in that order. Danny has two children, a wife, a large-breed puppy, and a cat, but not necessarily in that order.

Email: Danny@phrenologistsnotebook.com


One Response to About

  1. kerrie says:

    As Monty Python said (“Meaning of Life”) “You Americans talk, talk, talk……..” for the sake of talk.
    I have recovered my son from autism (vaccine/mercury damage) with 5 years of hard work and great expense,and recovered my own (previously unknown for decades) memories of being abused as a young child -confirmed by relatives.

    What are YOUR credentials ,apart from the pseudoscience of Phrenology?The gross ignorance of an American loudmouth? Nil personal experience ?It certainly sounds that way.

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