Fatty Threw a Party: Day One

I’m fat. I don’t like to say I’m overweight, because “fat” cuts a little deeper and motivates me. I have dieted and gone through exercise regimens in the past, and I see the same thing as many Americans; I lose a bit of weight and then I gain it back. I want to stop this.

So this will be a series on this blog. I figure if I make my wins and losses public, I may be a little more motivated. I’ll give you my stats: I am a white male, 28-years-old, my height is 5’11”, and I currently weigh 324 pounds (I just weighed myself this morning.) Last Thursday I weighed in a 331, so the first step, drink more water, is helping a little bit.

My plan is to combine a calorie-restrictive diet with an exercise regimen that involves a ½-hour cardio workout daily (I started on Monday) and weight-lifting 3 times a week (I started that on Monday, too). I’ll be posting my weight gains and losses on the blog every Friday or Saturday.

I started this on Monday, and I was planning on doing my first post on Friday, but I read a story on the Huffington Post that I thought would be a good stepping-stone to introduce this series. HuffPo Columnist Kathy Freston writes that counting calories never works, and uses a recent Harvard study published in The New England Journal of Medicine as her proof.  The study looked at four diets in 811 individuals, limited their calorie intake to 750 calories below their daily needs, but no fewer than 1,200 calories a day. At six months the subjects had lost an average of 13 pounds and at two years they had kept an average of 9 pounds off their original weight and lost 1-3 inches off their waists.

Why is this not good news? Because, according to Freston, at 2 years people were consuming more than their allotted number of calories. So, low calorie diets don’t work when people consume a high number of calories? That’s a revelation. That should be on a billboard.

Freston then pushes a low-fat vegetarian diet that she read about in a book somewhere. After the post turned into an advertisement I stopped paying attention. I’ll be the low-fat vegetarian diet will stop working if people start consuming meats or high-fat nuts as well.

I’m going to het Dr. Harriet Hall, paraphrasing from this month’s Skeptic magazine, get the final work. Eat a little bit of everything, in moderation, mostly vegetables.


One Response to Fatty Threw a Party: Day One

  1. James says:

    Of course Judith Beck has a new book on CBT for weight loss you could use

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