Really, Mr. President? Really?

First it was Dick Morris saying “retarded” on The O’Reilly Factor, now it’s the freakin’ president! Obama was on Leno the other night and said something to the effect of I bowl like someone in the Special Olympics. Really, Mr. President? You bowl that well?

President Obama had the decency to call Tim Shriver at Special Olympics and apologize before the show even aired, but still… It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

C’mon, can we please get rid of those parts of our vocabulary that are offensive to people with intellectual disabilities? Do we have to use retarded when we mean stupid, or make a reference to the Special Olympics when we want to say we’re bad at a certain sport? What if I said “I did as well on my science test as an inner-city black kid?” That wouldn’t be cool! Not cool at all!

So stop it! Stop! Think before you speak, for Pete’s sake.

And don’t think Sarah Palin is on my good side because she has spoken out about the same issue. She is the political equivalent of one of those D-list actors you always see on VH1, she’ll do anything to get press. Where was she on the Dick Morris thing? Nowhere, that’s where. Nobody cares what you think. Go back to Alaska and try to explain how we rode around on the backs of dinosaurs.


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