How not to lie

I am constantly imprerssed by the ways people will lie. Even myself. I’ll be in a situation where I screw something up at work, or forget something, and I think “I just won’t tell anyone. If someone finds out that I white-house-rose-garden1screwed up, I’ll deny it or something.” Then I realize that the worst the happens if I tell the truth is I get a couple of cross looks and I’m done.

But the excuses thaqt some people come up with. ApparentlyMayor Dean Grose of Los Alamitos, CA (Orange County) sent an e-mail to a black co-worker depicting the White House lawn planted with watermelons. The caption read “No Easter Egg Hunt This Year.”

His co-worker is complaining, so the mayor has apologized by saying that he did not know there was a racial stereotype relating to black people ans watermelon.

That’s shit. And here’s why. In order to believe that, I would have to believe that this guy has never seen Bamboozled,  or any representation of a black man with a big smile and watermelon. In fact, the movie poster to Spike Lee’s spectacular film:


That, and I would have to believe that this guy has never heard Dave Chappelle, or Chris Rock, or Richard Pryor, or any other black commedian who challenges political norms. This is hard to believe, but not impossible. The guy would also have to prove that he’s never listened to this album from Nappy Roots.

But there’s another reason not to believe Mr. Mayor. Because if you don’t know that there is a racial stereotype which says that Barack Obama loves watermelon, there was no reason to send that e-mail. It’s not funny.  Without the knowledge of the racial stereotype, this e-mail doesn’t make sense, and there would be no reason to send it to someone. Simple as that.

So if you’re going to lie, make your lie make sense. He should have said ‘I was so horrified by this e-mail that I had to share it with all of my friends so they could be enraged as well.” It still barely flies, but at least it’s plausible!


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