Sunday Sessions

I feel like crap. I’ve got some sort ofburn1 upper-respiratory thing (I thought those would go away when I quit smoking!) and my head feels like it’s swimming. I’m getting cold chills. Basically, it feels like a fever, except the thermometer doesn’t read over 98.5. I don’t care what it says. I would have an argument with it, but at this point I’m afraid it would win.

So, here’s a couple of quickies for Sunday (and to prove how messed up I am, it’s technically Monday).

Is Genius Inherited? Time asks this question. The answer is “yes and no,” and, while I appreciate coverage of anything psychologically-related in the national press, I have to ask… Really? Haven’t we pretty much settled this one by now?

Anatomy of Thought Neurophilosophy has some beautiful engravings of the human brain.

I Love This Website


Polite Dissent. It’s medical reviews of comic books and House. It’s a geek’s best friend.


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