The Verdict is In

I feel like I’m spoiling a perfectly good Darwin Day by blogging about autism yet again, but this is a real vindication. The vaccine court has made a ruling: autism is not caused by vaccines.

However, this hasn’t stopped the hustlers concerned citizens over at Age of Autism, where J.B. Handley had this to say:

1) The honest science has not been done on the vaccine-autism issue, we all know this. We all know vaccinated kids have only been compared to other vaccinated kids, we all know these studies have been designed to generate a certain outcome – an outcome that lets vaccines off the hook. The problem is that this becomes the weight of evidence used in court, no matter how stupid we might think it is.

We do know that there is no link between thimerosal and autism, and we know there is no link between MMR and autism, but Handley is trying to say that vaccinations in general are responsible for the increase in numbers. So if this is so important, why isn’t Handley running a study? Oh, that’s right. Because he’s not qualified to assess these things. And why hasn’t some antivaccine doctor performed the study? Because they don’t want to know the truth. It would cost them too much.

Actually, I don’t even know if anyone keeps numbers on unvaccinated children. If not, a researcher would have to set up an experimental study with children who are given vaccines and children who aren’t. Obviously, there are ethical issues there.

2) The science on our side is very, very incomplete. Do we have some studies that support our position? Yes, we do. But we don’t have a body of evidence that has been printed in scientific journals that would convince a neutral party that we have a clear-cut case.

The “incomplete science” on your side doesn’t stop you from linking to sites selling bullshit supplements that are supposed to “cure Autism,” does it Handley?


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