Andrew Wakefield A Fraud?

This blog is fairly young as blogs go, and this is my fourth post about the vaccine/autism controversy. Why? Two reasons: When I first started working in human services, I did in-home care for people with mental retardation and developmental delays, part of thew Medicaid Waiver system. I saw first-hand what behavioral interventions can do to enhance quality of life. Second, and I’ve mentioned this before, I fell for it. When I read Robert Kennedy’s article Dangerous Immunity, I initially believed that autism could be caused by mercury poisoning. Then a couple of studies were published which refuted this, and I saw it as a blip on the research radar, not realizing until just last year that this contoversy was still going on.

Now information is coming out claiming that Andrew Wakefield not only took money from anti-vaccine interests before and during his research into the defrauded Autism-MMR link, but that he outright lied about the time of onset in his autism patients to enhance the link with MMR. David Gorski at Science-Based Medicine is covering this story is quite nicely, and over at Pharyngula, PZ Myers mirrors my sentiment from my first post on the issue:

Will this revelation matter? Not one bit. The anti-vaxers have ignored all the evidence that they are wrong so far, so one more demonstration that one of the primary promulgators of this nonsense was an outright fraud won’t change a thing, I’m afraid. This is still a clear-cut case where delusions can kill.

Of course Age of Autism hasn’t said anything about this yet. It doesn’t matter, because they have new explanations now. But I would like to comment on a comment made in an AoA article about Paul Offit:

These “ad hominem” tactics finally failed this election. Perhaps they will start to fail in this realm as well as people wake up to this essential fact:

–People like Offit have an obvious and huge profit motive
–People like JB and other autism parents have nothing to gain other than making their child’s suffering not be for nothing

If that isn’t enough to wake others up, they might as well stay asleep until they develop Alzheimers from all the Flu vaccines they will take unquestioningly.

First off, my grandmother died from Alzheimers, so fuck you. If you want to make shit up to prove your point, become a priest. Second, and I’ve said this before, I’ll bet J.B. Handley and David Kirby make more money off of selling “cures” for autism than most of the skeptics who point out that vaccines don’t cause autism will make off of their vaccine-specific persuits. How much would Handley and Kirby stand to loose if they admitted that autism is not caused by vaccinations?


2 Responses to Andrew Wakefield A Fraud?

  1. […] of The Phrenologist’s Notebook carries a slightly wistful account: Andrew Wakefield A Fraud? I fell for it. When I read Robert Kennedy’s article Dangerous Immunity, I initially believed that […]

  2. JB Handley says:


    I have never made a dime off of autism, I only donate to the cause. Which makes you an idiot.

    JB Handley

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