A case study in missing the point

If I keep piggybacking off of posts from Steven Novella, he’s gonna come after me with a hockey stick.

I’ve never heard of J.B. Handley, but reading the number of times he vomits in this post, I wonder if he may suffer from anorexia nervosa. His major compaint about the thimerosal study I posted on yesterday is that there is not a control for those who received no thimerosal or vaccines. The fact that there was only one cause of autism reported, and that was in the low-thimerosal group (62.5 mcg, vs. 137.5 mcg) doesn’t phase him at all. Like I said yesterday, the evidence doesn’t matter to these people. I bet Handley has a book to sell.

(Actually, Handley is co-founder of Generation Rescue, an AntiVax group. Second-Rate Celebrity Concerned Mother Jenny McCarthy is on the board. So answer me this, Mr. Handley, how much would you stand to lose by accepting that vaccines do not cause? Normally, I wouldn’t ask, except for this little gem in your post:

10. Read the acknowledgements section:
“The study was supported in part by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, through contract 2002-N-00448 with the Istituto Superiore di Sanita.”
11. Vomit.

So, again, How much would you stand to lose?

Another leach that posted on this story was David Kirby. (I note a bit of cultural bias. Both Handley and Kirby use cutesy faux-Italian phrases in their headlines. What do these guys have against Italians?) Kirby spends his entire post whining about limitations of the study, stating that the study contained only healthy children, despite the one child with autism and the, if my memory serves me, 40-odd others with other neurological impairment. Maybe all the children are healthy because there is nothing dangerous about vaccines. Again, how much would Kirby stand to lose if the truth was accepted?


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