The Evolution/ID Debate

Yahoo News has a story about the recent evolution/creation/Intelligent Design issues coming out of Texas and Louisiana. It does a pretty good job of laying down the basics for those who haven’t been paying attention.

I want to say this: I’m not a Darwinist. I presume that “Darwinist” means “one who follows Darwin,” similar to Christian or Marxist being one who follows Christ or Marx, respectively. I know thay groups like The Discovery Institute would like everyone to believe that those who accept evolution have the dogmatic faith of Christianity or the idological singlemindedness of a Marxist. No, I’m not a Darwinist because Darwin lived a long time ago, and did not have the scientific knowledge that would come later to validate his theory.

I’m a psychology student. Darwin wrote before the advent of psychotherapy.

The fact is, I don’t believe in Natural Selection because I choose to, I believe it because the evidence supports it. And quite frankly, it is irresponsible for any of these groups to try to push this whole “teach the controversy” campaign. With science scores in the US somewhere south of Latvia, the ID people and the creationists want to put their stamp on the education system by wasting teachers’ and students’ time. You want to talk about gaps in the evolutionary theory, how about the gaps in ID and creationism (like the complete lack of any scientific validation whatsoever?) 

They invent the word “Darwinist” to disparage us, why don’t we come up with a word to disparage them? I’m in favor of “wizard.” Or “child.” They are the first two groups of people who come to mind that believe in magic.


One Response to The Evolution/ID Debate

  1. Jason Roberts says:

    To me, this exposes one of the major flaws in American education today. That flaw is local control of schools and curriculum. I know of no other country in which the central government does not establish a nationwide curriculum so that each student in every corner of the country is taught the same thing. The American system, as it now stands, places most of the control on curriculum in the hands of local school boards, hence the yahoos in Texas and elsewhere who refuse to allow the teaching of science in the schools. Until this is fixed, we will remain “south of Latvia” and will likely end up south of Rwanda. I won’t even get into the funding issues. And I reject your classification of Marxists as “singleminded”!!

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